Translation in Malaysia

Translation in Malaysia

A Southeast Asian country, Malaysia, where official language is Malay. With 23.2% Chinese & 7.0% Indian ethnicity Chinese & Tamil are being spoken widely. Malaysians speak quite good English language, which makes it ideal for tourists and foreigners working in Malaysia.

This is quite normal that you live and work in Malaysia with knowing English language only. Although all government departments’ official verbal and written language is Malay but you can talk to them in English easily. All public places, road signs are accompanied by Malay language mostly, sometime these also include Chinese, Tamil & English in public sectors.

Malaysia is a tourism hub and it’s inviting more and more tourists and professional workers every year. You can truly enjoy this cosmopolitan country where you can see people speaking many other languages like Bangla, Hindi, Tagalog, French, German, Italian, Tamil and Malayalam among many other spoken languages.

Although it is not compulsory to learn Malay if you plan to live in Malaysia for couple of years or so, but if you learn Malay language it opens another world of opportunities for you. Currently there are 77 million Malay language speakers in the world and it will help you to understand Malaysian culture better.

In this multi-cultural society where more or less 100+ nationalities are living together, the requirements of document translation is an important issue. All the documents being submitted to Government departments should be in Malay language like birth certificates, marriage certificates, college/university degrees, contracts, etc.

Starting from your working visa or business in Malaysia, you need the help of an experienced language translation company in Malaysia, who can translate your documents properly to obtain your visa or business license or educational documents.

Apart from immigration department, you will also encounter the driving license department or some other Government departments.

Along with this your spouse documents such as marriage certificate, children birth certificates, and academic documents should also be translated by a certified translator in Malaysia. You may learn more about certified translation or get your documents translation in Malaysia. You need to get your legal translation by a certified translation company in Malaysia, please learn more about translation services in Malaysia or contact us for further details.

All the certified & legal translations are only accepted by approved language translation Services Company in Malaysia. Rest of the translations like medical, financial, and technical and website translation from any other country can also be accepted.